Notice how crowded, noisy and busy the city and suburbs are getting? We are committed to providing friends, family and work groups a place in the country to relax and unwind.  A place to retreat and connect back with extended family once more. A place to come to as a work group make your semi annual plans. 

The Perfect Country Lodge for off-site work groups,  friends & families gatherings,  yoga & meditation retreats. .  
Free Wifi in the lodge keeps you in contact with work if you need to be.
With 10 bedrooms each with attached bathroom, a full home-style kitchen, and 10 acres of privacy,  its the ideal set up for friends, families, and work group retreats
You will love us !  Check our availability page right here on this web site.

Booking Rates For Our Lodge-   Most of what we do are full lodge bookings for one group at a time. We are a Private Lodge available for Short Term Rentals. You can book us more than a year in advance or with just a days notice if the dates are available. When not booked by a group for a date less than 10 days away we will be glad to book your stay as just a couple or single person.  There is a full home style kitchen, 2 outdoor BBQ grills, a fire pit etc for your use.

"Last minute" Availability - $110/night single occ.  or $145/night for a double occ, $165 for triple occ: any more than than will require a 2nd room.

Stay and Ski Stevens Lodging Packages - Single occupancy rates above combined with All Day Ski ticket - So a Single occupancy Stay & Ski package for 1 night will be - $170/person    and         Double occupancy Stay & Ski package will be $ 133/person ($265 for 2 people/room) 

Rates below are for the Full Lodge booking exclusive to your group only. Taxes, cleaning fees additional.

  •  Mid Oct to April - Weekday (Mon-Thurs)  10 guests or less.  - $ 890/ night - 3 night min ($ 89/person/room) 

  • Mid Oct to April - Rates Based on 16 guests or less - $1100/night - 2 night min -  This is just  $68.75/ person

  • Mid Oct to April - Rates based on 20 guests - $1250/night- just   $62.50 pp - 2 night minimum.

  •  Mid Oct to April- Rates based on 28 guests or less - $1250/night-  3 night min, or $1400/night if only 2 nights -    Perfect for Family gatherings we also permit camping for self contained RVs accompanying your groups.  RVs are charged $40/RV/night.

  • Oct to April - Weekly Rates - $ 6900 (with one weekend)

  • Late Spring & Summer Rates Below.

  • 2018 - We have a weekend in June, August & Sept still open for 2018. 

  • May- Weekend Rates based on 28 guests of less - $1400/night - 3 night min 

  • May- Mid week Rates based on 28 guests or less - $12500/night

  •  JUNE to SEPT WEEKENDS - Weekend Rates based on 28 guests or less- $ 1850/night. 3 night minimum (less than $70 pp)-  Perfect for Friends & Family gatherings - we also permit self contained RVs accompanying your groups.  RVs are $40/night. 

  • JUNE to SEPT mid week- Rates based on 28 guests or less-  $ 1400/night (less than 50 pp)  if staying 3 nights (Mon to Thursday) $ 1250/night if staying 4 nights-   Perfect for Family and Friends gatherings! we also permit your family travelling in self contained RVs to stay on our grounds- for a fee.   
  • June to Sept- Weekly Rate - $1100 (with one weekend)

Please email Mary at with your retreat details for a written quote or booking contract.

Wedding booking Prices and details are shown on the Wedding Events Page of this web site.

Don't forget to take a virtual tour of our lodge right from your computer. (click on our virtual tour button)