Country Style Weddings with an emphasis on family togetherness is our Specialty!  Our Lodge's undeniable Charm as a Wedding Facility lies not only in the 10 beautiful private view acres and a choice of areas in the natural setting where the weddings are held, with large lawns, and a 'wedding forest' area, but also in the beautiful 10 bedroom log lodge that can accommodate 28 of your close family coming in from different areas of the country, or world to celebrate your event with you.   Our lodge grounds is all set up in Summer to hold the weddings outdoors, with a large 30 x 40 wedding tent erected over a same size patio, with all the tables and chairs for your use.  We also have a camp fire pit, outdoor fire place. There are 2 outdoor coal BBQs for your use etc.

Country Wedding Venue near SeattleThe lodge is beautiful, secluded with spacious grounds YET only an hour from the Sea-Tac Airport for your guests flying in. We are within 1 hour from Everett & Eastside & 20 minutes from Monroe. Wallace Falls State park, the lake and the 260' waterfalls are located next door to the lodge. A wonderful hike for all ages, or plan a run up the "rail road" grade, during your stay with us.

We welcome all unions, gay or straight. Each Lucky couple who gets married at the Lodge has the privilege of carving their names and marriage dates into the "marriage log" in the center of the lodge

Schedule your wedding tour today:-  we are happy to schedule a private tour on any day that we are not booked by a group or wedding.   We can schedule to your convenience, even after your work.  We will walk you thru the lodge and explain everything to you. Please email me and we will right away arrange a private Wedding Tour for you and your family. You will love the lodge I guarantee it !!! Email to schedule your private "wedding tour".

Our Lodge grounds include large lawns plus a wedding forest area.

Happily Ever After Wallace Falls Wedding Bells

A multi-night,  destination Lodge with a place and space to host all the wedding activities.  Our weddings book 2 to 4 nights for their stay.   Its your place to hold the rehearsal dinner, the ceremony, reception, plus your place to house the wedding party of up to 28 close family at the 10 bedroom log lodge. It truly is a gathering of friends & family to celebrate your union, complete with a beautiful log lodge plus the 10 acres of grounds, year round hiking trails to Wallace lake & to the 265' Wallace falls.

Adding the day or two before your Event means your close family/parents/wedding party can fly in a day or 2 before the event,  do any last minute activities that need to be handled,  relax with the family, hold a rehearsal dinner at the lodge.  For the rehearsal evening, you can  bring in Grill-ready meat, fish, burgers etc and use the 2 BBQ grills at the lodge, add salads and finger foods and enjoy a nice meal with your family, relax and enjoy your family for the evening.  Then you are already there to wake up the next morning, not have to rush to get to the event place as you are already there, no traffic to fight, just take your time and get ready for the pictures and the ceremony, after which you have a nice reception all at the same location, sleep at the lodge that night.  Adding a day after the wedding gives the wedding party/ family a day to sleep in after a late night of celebration, one more day  to relax and be together before you fly off into the various parts of the country or globe.   
Weddings at the lodge are laid back, relaxed and a family affair than when you book 6-8 hours elsewhere for just the ceremony and reception.  Weddings are important life events, make yours a memorable one. Weddings are about 2 families getting together to celebrate and bless a new "union", and start the beginnings of a "family".   Weddings are a perfect opportunity to also have a reunion of family that may now be spread around the globe. What better opportunity than to stay together at the Lodge. You will not find a more beautiful, peaceful,  natural setting. 

You have the use of (24) 6' rectangular banquet Tables, plus (10) 5' round tables  and Chairs to seat 125 guests.

A 30 x 40 wedding tent (with sides when needed) is set up ready for your use with lighting and power near by.

2 outdoor charcoal BBQ grills for your use, a camp fire pit to relax around. 

You can choose your own caterer or pick a food truck of your choice, to fit your budget and taste.

We pride ourselves in being a facility where you can plan your wedding your way. 

There a PA,  music system and you can bring your own playlist of music without the need to hire a DJ.

2018 & 2019  Wedding Prices Quoted below.  Taxes and Cleaning fees are additional.

Mid-Week Weddings are popular with couples on a tight budget who absolutely love the lodge, wanting a relaxed event with multiple days & nights stay with their family & friends.  All the amenities you get is same as for the weekend events of the same month, but at a much lower cost.   And those family and friends who really love and care for you will happily take a few days off to come to your wedding.  Mid week weddings are a 2 night minimum, usually Tuesday to Thursday.

 Weekend Events have a 3 night minimum except in April, May & Oct.   Prices given below include the stay for the wedding party of 28 or less. Then additional  nights are -$1400/night for up to 28 guests.  Add tax and cleaning charges.

Weekend wedding prices for Event day & night.  Mid-Week wedding prices for Event day & night  
April, May and Early Oct -  Event Day guests  60 or less
Overnight Stay for 28 of those guests
$ 2750 $ 1750
June and September  - Event Day Guests 125 or less
Overnight Stay for 28 of those guests
$ 3995 $ 2500
 July and August  - Event Day guests of  125  or less
Overnight stay for 28 off those guests
$ 4995 $ 3500
Current Special :-  January to June - Did you already have a civil wedding elsewhere?  Then gather just your imediate Family, with a blessing for the couple -- 25 people or less - $ 1400/night with a  2 night minimum stay-  A Tuesday check in  and Thursday Check out.  Add tax and cleaning charges.

Lodge Accommodations :- There are 10 bedrooms all with attached bathrooms at the lodge.  4 of the bedrooms are located on the main floor and 6 bedrooms on the 2nd floor. A total of 28 guests can stay at the lodge with you. The 4 main floor bedrooms with their attached baths, makes it easy for the elderly in your family to be part of your stay and celebration, yet to do it at their pace.  Grand Parents at your wedding are a blessing, appreciate their presence in your celebration. 
If any of your family is coming in self-contained RVs, they can park on our grounds for a fee, if I am notified minimum of a week prior. NO Hook ups available. 

Additional accommodations near by: we have room for parking about 6 self contained RV's/Campers for a fee.     Right next door to the lodge is the Wallace Falls State Park with 6 or 8 cabins.   While these are nice cabins they share the parks visitor baths. Book them at WA state parks reservations online .  10 minutes from the lodge there is the Dutch Cup Motel in Sultan - They have pet friendly rooms. 20 minutes away in Monroe there is Best Western, & Evergreen Inn & Suits,  Fairgrounds Inn etc.

Pets :- We do not allow pets inside the lodge so please advice guests to make other arrangements for their pets. Guests coming in own RVs can bring their pets - if you obtain written permission from us. Please let us know ahead of time if any pets are coming with RVs. 

Bride in Wallace LodgeOutdoor Wedding in Western Washington

Indoor Wedding at Wallace Falls Lodge


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Wedding Venue Catering, Food and Alcohol:- You are allowed to pick any off-site caterer* and other venders of your choice, giving you the chance to shop prices and services to fit your budget. Vendor recommendations available, but you are not restricted to just them. *Off site Caterers must bring the food cooked from their catering facility, and must clean up completely after the reception.

Alcohol is permitted at your party, if you apply for and bring with you a WA state Banquet Permit (available online). By order of the Liquor control board, without this permit, no alcohol will be allowed. You can bring beer kegs. Banquet permit is in your name and for your private party use, and hence fully your liability. We recommend use of licensed bar tenders, if you are providing a

Liability Insurance -  The renter agrees to hold Wallace Falls Lodge harmless of all injuries suffered by you, your guests, or your vendors while you are on the Lodge property. A certificate of Event insurance naming Wallace Falls Lodge must be obtained thru your home/auto insurance company or

Booking Your Event and Stay at the lodge :- Email me to book your dates.  If you book early enough we can split the full amount into monthly payments. 

Cancellations :-( Please don't cancel. Once you book we hold the dates for your Event, if you cancel your booking, all payments made up to that point are non refundable.   Unlike a large hotel to whom your booking is but a fraction of their days business, you are our exclusive booking and 100% of our business for the dates that we are holding for you.. so if you cancel its a huge painful punch for us, so our booking payments are non-refundable.  NO exceptions.       If for some unforeseeable "Act of God & Nature" reason the Lodge needs to cancel, then ALL your booking deposits will be completely refunded. 

 Take a virtual tour and see the beautiful lodge.  You can first tour the lodge from your computer, then email me for a private tour of the lodge. 

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